The Best AIPMT Study Material

The Best AIPMT Study Material

AIPMT is one of the toughest exams in India. However, cracking APIMT is not a rocket. All you need to do is hard work as well as smart work. With only a few days left for the AIPMT exam, a student should really work hard for crack the exam.  Getting a right book for all the subject is a tedious task. However, you can choose the best books that help you. Most medical aspirants think that the NCERT book is sufficient for the preparation. It is the good start; however, you should study another reference book as well. Here is the list of some important books that might help you crack the AIPMT exam. From physics to chemistry, from inorganic to organic chemistry, you will find the best books from here.


  1. Handbook of Biology – Rahul Chawla
  2. NCERT- Biology
  3. Pradeep publications Biology ( Theory & publication)
  4. CBSE AIPMT question papers by Arihant
  5. GRB publications of Biology
  6. Dutta Botany (Oxford Publication)
  7. Trueman Biology volume 1
  8. Trueman Biology volume 2
  9. Physiology and Biology by Salisbury
  10. Objective NCERT


  1. BC Chemistry
  2. Arihant Organic Chemistry
  3. Dinesh Chemistry
  4. Morrison Boyd for an organic chemistry
  5. CBSE AIPMT chemistry previous year question papers by Arihant
  6. NCERT- chemistry part 1 & part 2
  7. Universal self-scorer
  8. Morrison Boyd for organic chemistry
  9. Peter Atkins physical chemistry
  10. Solomon’s organic chemistry


  1. HC Verma for physics
  2. Feynman Lecture of physics
  3. IE irodov physics
  4. Objective physics for medical entrance examination by D. C Pandey.

Complete guide

If you choose the complete guide as your reference books then, you can get the deep knowledge on the topics. There are separate books available on each subject.

  • Complete Guide Physics
  • Complete Guide chemistry
  • Complete Guide Biology

Some tips to score more

  • Take minerals and fiber-enriched food. Drink more glass of water. Avoid snack and oily food.
  • Include fresh vegetables and fruit, especially spinach and ladies finger as they would improve the memory power.
  • The Examples published by the textbook is concise and it has detail questions on every topic. It is suggested for the medical aspirants all across the country.
  • Once you have mastered the particular concept, you can test yourself using some online mock test. You can use the Kota study material for extra credit.
  • For more practice problems, you can check out AIPMT (NEET) previous year question papers.
  • If you don’t get any concepts in the NCERT textbook, then you can refer other books to get the clear idea of it.
  • Further, you can workout on all the book back problems in your textbook as well as the reference book .
  • Try the objective question book and practice all the MCQs, which is essential to score more marks in an easy way. Study all the important 2 marks.
  • Make the effective study plan and start preparing accordingly.
  • Make sure that you have mastered all the important questions.
  • Revise all your class notes for some important hints that you note down in the class.
  • Last but not the least, be relax during the exam

Try all the best study material for aipmt. Score more marks. All the best.


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