Discover The Advantages Of Studying Abroad

Discover The Advantages Of Studying Abroad

More and more young people are dreaming of an international adventure. While some of them dedicate themselves exclusively to tourism, others prefer to take a sabbatical year abroad or take advantage of their stay abroad to obtain some university credits and learn a new language.

But why the increase in interest in studying abroad? One of the main changes in these preferences is due to the appearance of low-cost airlines, with very competitive prices on routes that were previously very expensive to travel to. The possibility of exploring the world without ending up with a hole in your pocket is something that is hard to resist and that young people know how to take advantage of.

If you are still unclear about the benefits of studying abroad, here are some of the main advantages of language travel to encourage you to experience what it’s like to study abroad.

The sooner you study abroad, the better

Many families are increasingly concerned that their children will receive an international education. In addition to enrolling them in after-school language activities (English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Russian…) or in bilingual schools, they are also betting on sending them to boarding schools abroad, schools with residences where teenagers can receive the highest quality education and interact with students from many countries.

These early language trips are a great advantage for their academic careers. In addition to learning a new language and knowing a different country, the experience will make them mature, autonomous and acquire study habits that will be very useful when they go to University.

An added value for your university studies


If you think that language travel is only for sightseeing and meeting new friends, you are mistaken. Traveling abroad is a pleasure that can benefit you (and a lot) in your future university.

Many universities around the world value their applicants’ knowledge of other languages very highly, especially when they have studied abroad. Having studied in a school or institute in a different country, having spent a sabbatical year discovering the world or having volunteered in an international project will add points to your university candidacy.

If you are already at the University you will also find many advantages of studying abroad. For example, taking part in an international study program such as Erasmus or Fulbright or taking a language course with which part of the credits will be validated.

Make a difference in your CV

Language travel are also a good way to differentiate yourself from other candidates when looking for a job, mostly if you learn a language with high demand in the job market like French In addition to assessing your language skills, the company will also assess other aspects of your time abroad.

Your ability to cope with change, your autonomy, your teamwork skills… An infinite number of positive and very necessary qualities within any company that your future employer will take into account in a future job interview.

Do you need more reasons to encourage you to study abroad?


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