Is Boarding School Necessary For Girls?

Is Boarding School Necessary For Girls?

In the past, girls weren’t allowed to go out of the house to study or work. Those were the rules of the past where they were allowed only to cook and do daily chores at house and they said girls and women were meant for the same. As years and decades passed, parents of girls gained courage to put them into schools in order to make them learn and compete with boys. Most of the girls also proved that they are not just meant to just be at home but to become a role model for millions of people around the world. If you are someone who want your girl child to rule the world, then put her into a girls boarding to make all the above happen over time.

Girls are still considered a weak sex in many areas and this should be changed for good. Everybody has to learn that every gender are equal and there is no weak or strong gender. Here are some reasons why you should put your girl child into a boarding school rather than a normal school. They are as follows,

    • Most of the boarding schools are meant to teach only for girls or boys at the same place. But there are also some schools who run co-education even in the boarding school. Only when your girl learns with other genders around, there will not be a new or a weird feeling of talking or interacting with the opposite gender. This will itself grow up a great confidence in oneselves to talk to the other person equally without feeling any inferiority complex. 
  • They can make good friends and not separate people based on genders in a coed school. Most of the students studying in a girls or a boys school will not be able to communicate freely with the opposite gender because they were used to it. When they feel free with all others around, the confidence will automatically rise up and be good to the self. This will give a great chance to compete with boys and make her feel more confident towards herself and life. Do you want your girl child to miss all these by putting her into one of the nearby schools from your home? I think parents who understood the value of international education, coed and boarding schools will never miss this chance. Without any such confusions, talk to your girl about the same and get her interests on whether to join or not. On a good sign from your kid, get her admitted into girls boarding to change the girl’s life forever for good by making her be an expert of many things rather than just one.


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