Secrets On How To Study And Get Good Grades In Final Exams

Secrets On How To Study And Get Good Grades In Final Exams

Whether you are in school or college, finals are always haunting you as the grades are going to set your future step towards education and life. You study very hard throughout the year for achieving that dream marks that will fetch you your aspired profession.

But, sometimes, to your utter disappointment, you somehow fail to reach that edge of super-student stardom where your grades just remain few inches away from the target line.

In Spite of being upset and hopeless, follow my guidelines and know precisely how to get the best grades.

  1.    Time management teamed with encouragement

Remember, failure is the pillar of success. If you didn’t get good grades last time, win it now. The most important step is proper time administration. Make a planner. Do back calculation starting from your exam date to the present day. Count the days left in between. Make the schedule accordingly. Keep enough days for a single chapter. More tough is the subject; more days must be assigned. Keep some spare days for revision and correcting mistakes. Don’t waste time.

  1.    Motivate yourself

Never lose hope. An optimistic attitude towards life: “I can do it”- should be your pledge. Many people will underestimate and discourage you once you own some low grades in school and college. But, it is only you who can change the whole scenario by raising your appraisal. Work smartly.

  1.    Go for the ‘extra’

Winners go for the ‘mucho.’ In specific courses, specific semester wise special activities can give you those extra marks. Don’t leave a particular chapter just because you can’t solve it or it is less attractive to you. The additional credit works and reviews can make the B+ to A+.

  1.    No distraction, please

Your pet dog can be your best friend of all time, but not when the exam is around. You may not live without your mobile phone, and it lures you every time. Control your temptation. Find a quiet place for study. If you have younger brother or sister in the house, get away from them for some time. Put your cell and other interruptions out of your way to study. You can listen to good music for more engrossment.

  1.    Overburdening is injurious

You may think that 24 hours of non-stop study will fetch you the crown. But, the fact is your brain and body needs rest. Don’t make your routine monotonous and strenuous. A little break of 10 minutes after every 45 minutes or 60 minutes will rewind your grey cells and rejuvenate your body.

  1.    Note taking always help

Write down the important points discussed in class. Use highlighter. Don’t go on forming big and complex sentences. It’s better to make notes in bullets. Discuss with your friend and check if you have missed any point.

  1.    Interactive class

Still thinking how to get the best grades? A fundamental solution is to participate in class. Ask your queries to the teacher. Offer answer. Be attentive. Take help from the subject teacher after the scheduled class time if you face problem on any particular topic. You can join extra tuition class.

Group studies, an organized study area, some physical exercises, meditation, extracurricular activities, commitment and love towards your education will take you to the top. Don’t be a study-machine. Deal with your syllabus with intelligence and consistency.


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