A Professional Letter To A Business Partner

A Professional Letter To A Business Partner

A business letter, with the contact individuals to companies or authorities should be polite but determined and formulated follow standardized patterns to document the business partner the seriousness of the concern. A business letter can follow this pattern.

The letterhead

Flush right after three or four blank lines followed by the date. In the line below the sender’s address and contact options. After six additional blank lines where appropriate, the address of the recipient comes in contact with a company directly under the company name. Five blank lines further follow the subject. This is written in bold. After two more blank lines comes the salutation (see. E-mail).

The text of the letter

Hits “Keep it Short” to both e-mail and letter on text. Each author of a text, whether letter or newspaper article, for the reader is in for delivery. The work that saves you when writing, one imposes on the reader – a fact that many writers all too easily overlooked. The more effort you so invested in his text, the easier it makes it to his opponent and the fewer misunderstandings emerge in the communication.

Clear structure

For the text apply the vertices “well structured”, “simply and aptly formulated” and “polite”. A letter should be clearly structured text first of all; each idea or meaning context should be in a separate paragraph. The font should be legible on their size and the font here. The first paragraph, the concern should be outlined in brief, so that the recipient can respond to the following statements.

Aptly formulated

Sentences should be chosen not too long and the words as easy as possible. Foreign words should be largely avoided. Only when one has referred to the familiar, one should introduce unfamiliar. In linguistics this is called “progressive dynamic text”, which means that you can better understand new information in the context of known information. The text gets so in a very easy to follow flow (There was once a king. The king had a daughter. The daughter wanted to marry a prince. …). Complicated formulations should be avoided (“Please let us know if my application has been accepted me.” Instead of “order information regarding the status of the application is requested.”).

Polite to success

Courtesy is the first step to success. Mistakes happen on both sides and dipped a problem, it is best to analyze it objectively and create on this basis from the world. In general, to get more to his right, if you ask instead of demand it loudly.

The foot of the letter

Separated by a blank line from the main text, follows the foot of the letter with the salutation (“Sincerely,” “Sincerely” or more formal “Sincerely”), the signature and, where appropriate, references to plants.

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